Board Members

Blaine Mack

Blaine has been a regular with the Old Bold Pilots since its inception in late 1996. His primary duties within the group have been notification of meetings and other activities. A permanent resident of Palm Desert, he is active in the Order of Daedalians, and has served as President of both the 11th AF Association and the Palm Springs Air Museum volunteers.

A retired military pilot, he flew P-38Ls in the Aleutian Islands during World War II, F-86Fs in Korea, B-47s and B-52s during the Cold War (including the Cuban Missile Crisis) ending with 56 missions in B-52s over Vietnam.

Presently, he is also very active in musical groups, particularly his Faultline quartet and Sandblaster chorus of the Barbershop Harmony Society.
Gene Anderson

Gene's first loves are flying and history. An Old Bold Pilot for two decedes, he teaches computer security, crypto, and operating system topics at UC San Diego and University of Maryland. He is a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot and USAF veteran who made bombing charts during Vietnam.

Gene has been responsible for obtaining OBP's guest speakers since mid-2017. Please reach out if you have a suggestion!
Kelly Groves

The webmaster and technical guru for the Old Bold Pilots, Kelly moved to La Quinta after a three-year, 20,000 mile journey with her husband and two oldest boys exploring the Pacific aboard their Tayana 55 sailboat. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kelly was raised on computers and aviation. What else could you expect from a Silicon Valley native whose parents met through the pilot community?

When not flying with her husband in their 2003 DA40 Diamond Star, Kelly runs a couple of local small businesses, sits on the board of local non-profits, and chases after her youngest son, who is already showing himself to be an aspiring Old Bold Pilot.
Bill Hughes

Bill was born in New York City, educated in Virginia, and served Uncle Sam in the Army Infantry. He earned his pilot's license in 1968. In his 27 years with US Steel, he and his late wife and their two children lived in Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Louis, winding up in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1980. USS tired of him in 1987, but he remained in the steel industry, returning to the Midwest, and finally retiring in 2000. He was lured to California by Gail shortly thereafter, settling in La Quinta.

Bill's current interests include the Palm Springs Air Museum, where he serves as Director of Volunteer Services and as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. His other passions in life (after Gail and OBP) are golf, at which he labors in vain, and trying to accommodate Gail's penchant for travel.
Phillip Koken

Phillip split his childhood between California's Antelope Valley and coastal Santa Barbara. His father and grandfather were engineers involved in flight test activities at Edwards, Mojave, and Palmdale. As a teenager, Phillip volunteered on the Rutan Voyager around-the-world aircraft project. In 1989, he joined the US Navy and was deployed to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Storm and again for Operation Desert Shield.

After leaving the Navy in 1994, Phillip began working with large scale electronic security systems and was working in Silicon Valley for a security technology software startup when he met his wife. They moved to La Quinta in 2009 after returning from a three year Pacific sailing voyage with their sons.
Gary Lueders

Gary grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana, home of Alexandria Air Force Base (later named England AFB). “I was a little kid during WWII, but I vividly recall B-17’s and the flight crews in leather jackets and girlie pictures on their B4 bags.” Gary was hooked.

After college AFROTC then Air Force pilot training, he was assigned to KC-135’s based at March AFB. He served on Stanboard and did 3 rotational tours during the Vietnam War where he flew 123 combat air refueling missions. In 1969, Gary joined American Airlines and flew for 31 years, 11 as a line type FAA designated Check Airman on the MD-80. After retiring in 2000, he served 4 years on the Palm Springs Airport Commission and started attending Old Bold Pilot meetings in 2001.

In 2002, Gary volunteered to handle the Old Bold Pilot funds and continues to this day.
Patrick Mathews

Pat has been a season regular at Old Bold Pilots since 2005. He was responsible for obtaining OBP's guest speakers from 2009 - 2015.

Born in Sydney, Australia, he has lived in a number of countries working in advertising and publishing. Pat has travelled extensively on all continents for both business and pleasure, moving to the Coachella Valley from L.A in 2005.

Pat is also a free-lance writer with a passion for travel and aviation. For more than a decade, he has contributed to AOPAPilot magazine.