List of Speakers

A Historical List of Presenters since December, 2002
Date Speaker Subject
12/26/2002 Ray Stephens Flight Examiner
1/30/2003 Harvey Ferer FAA IFR Specialist
2/27/2003 2 Army vets from the VFW Iwo Jima
3/27/2003 Hal Williamson The Fliying Wind
4/24/2003 Bob Douthitt Bob @89: oldest pilot still flying
5/29/2003 Dick Leavitt USAF Lt.General (retired)
6/26/2003 Margaret Ann Clark Jackie Cochran's Personal Secretary
7/31/2003 Curt Phillips The 'New Breed' Tuskegee Airman
8/28/2003 Dick Kelly Experiences in WWll
9/25/2003 Dr. Mort Gubin FAA medical
10/30/2003 Dave Thompson video of inteview with B-17 nav arriving Pearl Hbr
11/13/2003 John Benoit flying his plane + his highway patrol days
12/11/2003 Jerry Tobias Palm Springs life (?)
1/29/2004 not recorded unknown
2/26/2004 Capt. Dan Pedersen, USN ret. Origional Director of Top Gun School
3/25/2004 Lee Otterson PBY Around-the-World Flight
4/29/2004 Gen. Ken Miles, USAF ret. Recap of his military experiences/commands
5/27/2004 Sid Chambers (not recorded)
6/25/2004 Ken Marts Navy flying during WWII
7/25/2004 Blaine Mack From the P-38 to the B-52
8/26/2004 Gen. Fritz Payne WWII Marine Ace flying F4F
9/30/2004 Jessie Brain Brewster Buffalo vs. Wildcat debate
10/28/2004 Carol Hamilton Aviatrix with 99's
11/18/2004 Dr. Ed Krasner Hypnosis & Fear of Flying
12/30/2004 Bill Eaton The Flying Sargeants
1/27/2005 Hal Ross Frank Sinatra's Pilot
2/24/2005 Herbert Halperin Around-the-World Air Race: No Sky's The Limit
3/24/2005 Ralph Wetterhahn The Last Flight of Bomber 31
4/28/2005 Polly Usher Her 1937 solo flight
5/26/2005 Joe Foster Flying cargo in Vietnam
6/30/2005 Patrick Mullany Ret FBI hostage expert — profiling
7/28/2005 not recorded not recorded
8/25/2005 Bill Bryan Helicopter pilot experiences
9/29/2005 Officer Mike Fox CHP Helicopter operations
10/27/2005 Larry Spicer Angel Flight pilot about the organization
11/17/2005 Jerry Loeb Anthem – book on So. America drug intrediction
12/29/2005 Bill Bryan Army helicopter pilot Vietnam & Gulf War
1/26/2006 Capt. Dan Pedersen, USN ret. Origin of Blue Angles
2/23/2006 Ken Dowling The capture of U505 German Sub
3/30/2006 Dick Odabashian Flying-Another Name For Living
4/26/2006 Jim Stocking Aviation Law
5/25/2006 John Alley Showdown at Changsha China
6/29/2006 Rafiel Sierra, Flt Instructor Wake turburlence recognition & avoidance
7/27/2006 not recorded Bonanza over the Atlantic (?)
8/31/2006 "JD" Jim Dale PSAM Air Museum flt ops
9/28/2006 not recorded not recorded
10/26/2006 Tom Wenner WWII PBY pilot experiences
11/30/2006 Wayne Connell Flying F-4's in Vietnam
12/28/2006 Barbara Schultz Life & Times of Pancho Barnes
1/25/2007 Bob Gilliland SR-71 Test Pilot — 1st to fly SR-71
2/22/2007 Fred Madenwald F-35 Test Pilot
3/29/2007 Darrell Greenamayer F8F "Rare Bear"
4/26/2007 Mike Carpentiera Stearman barnstormer pilot – nostalgic rides
5/31/2007 Mike McCullough & wife Their esperiences flying Stearman to all 48 states
6/28/2007 Mike Hidinger PSP Air Traffic Controller — local ops
7/26/2007 "JD" Jim Dale The story of P-38 'Glacier Girl'
8/30/2007 Chrissie Riley Atlantic Aviation FBO ops at PSP
9/27/2007 Gen. Ken Miles, USAF ret. Terrorism Throughout the World
10/25/2007 Kirstin Holmstedt
with Army Capt Robin Brown, helicopter and USMC Maj Amy McGrath, F-18 pilot
Band of Sisters
11/29/2007 Col Greg Peck, USA Ret USO at PSP
12/27/2007 Capt. Dan Pedersen, USN ret. Carrier Flight OPS
1/31/2008 Bob Gilliland SR-71 Test Pilot Flight Ops
2/28/2008 Bill Boeing Boeing M-40 operations
3/27/2008 Neal Brune Countermeasures
4/24/2008 Steve Ericson Skunk Works' Lockheed Martin
5/29/2008 Robert Lilac Flying the rocket powered NF-104
6/26/2008 Tom Sofranko Radio operations on the SS Crockett
7/31/2008 Ron Smith Forensic aircraft accident investigation
8/28/2008 Randy Marton & Erica Stone USO at PSP & SOS at PSP
9/25/2008 David Rosing JPL Space Exploration
10/30/2008 Ron Byrne F-105 pilot in Vietnam & POW
11/20/2008 George "Buzz" Lynch A-10 Warthog Test Pilot
12/18/2008 Kevin Sullivan AOPA – Path to Aviation
1/29/2009 Admiral Roger Box, USN, Ret. Top Gun operations
2/26/2009 Capt. Murray Crockett, Qantas Senior Captain Flying the A-380
3/26/2009 Capt. Dan Pedersen, USN ret. Mayaguez Rescue: The Day We Were Allowed to Win
4/30/2009 G. Pat Macha Wreck Finding in So. California
5/28/2009 Burt Rutan The New Space Race – This Time for Us
6/25/2009 James Parkinson Soldier Slaves — POW's in Japan during WWII
7/30/2009 James Weaver Angel Flight West — 4000 Missions and counting
8/27/2009 David Ramsay The Royal Navy's Admiral Sir Reginald "Blinker" Hall
9/24/2009 Jim Hardy NFL Football talk
10/29/2009 Jack Peabody & Jim Ward The B-36 Peacemaker
11/19/2009 Dwight Lund Life & Times of a Missionary Jungle Pilot
12/17/2009 Dr. Steve Steele, Capt. USNR Military Aviation Accidents
1/28/2010 Herman Posada, NASA Flying the Predator & Global Hawk
2/25/2010 Capt. Tom Bailey, USN Life Aboard a Nuclear Sub
3/25/2010 Burt Rutan An Engineers Critique of Global Warming Science
4/29/2010 Rafael Sierra Airbus and Wake Turburlance
5/27/2010 Todd Anton When Baseball Went to War
6/24/2010 Jerry Sweeney & Blaine Mack Fighter Pilots of WWII
7/29/2010 Mike Gregory RAF Spitfire — The facts behind the legend
8/26/2010 Peg Trout Sisters in War
9/30/2010 Don Freece Powering Victory — Aircraft Engines 1900-1945
10/28/2010 Stan Stokes The Art of Aviation
11/17/2010 Bob Gilliland Test Flying the World's Fastest Airplanes
12/30/2010 Jim Shuler, LA Sheriff 80 years of Aerial Law Enforcement
1/27/2011 Dr. Ed Gordon The Allied Bombing of Germany
2/24/2011 Capt. Michael Argo, USN Inside the Navy Seals
3/31/2011 Admiral Marlin Staring, USN USS Liberty — 'An American Tragedy'
4/28/2011 Dr. Dean Hunter, USAF Ret. Air Power in the Early Days of the Vietnam War
5/26/2011 LtCol Todd Venema Testing Mach 5 and Beyond
6/30/2011 Gary Best Letters Home from a B-17 Bombardier
7/28/2011 Peter Merlin & Tony Moore The X-Hunters
8/25/2011 Ted Pannell Vietnam Stories, The Realities of War
9/29/2011 Lt Comm Mike Scuro, USN (Ret.) Apollo 14 Recovery Team Experience
10/27/2011 John MacCarley B-17 Bombardier ME-262 jet attack on 34th mission
11/17/2011 Anita Infante Carter Technology's Personal Air Vehicle
12/29/2011 Larry Packer My Time with the Blue Angels
1/26/2012 Col Michael Walker Understanding the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan
2/23/2012 Bob Gannon 155 Countries in a Cessna 182
3/29/2012 LTC Gene Boyer Inside the President's Helicopter
4/26/2012 Capt. Jeffery Hughes, USN Helicopter Ops in Today's Navy
5/31/2012 Robert Kirk What we learned about air warfare in Vietnam
6/28/2012 Ed Martin GPS, the early days
7/26/2012 Rick Klassen Man’s best friend serving those that serve
8/30/2012 Robin Petgrave Saving the world one aviator at a time
9/27/2012 Blaine Mack Flying in the Cuban Missile Crisis
10/25/2012 Rafael Sierra Pilot training in 21st Century
11/15/2012 John McCarthy Microburst defeating a killer
12/27/2012 Larry Packer The Navy pilot with the Air Force rank
1/31/2013 Burt Rutan Struggles of a retiring airplane designer
2/28/2013 Dr. Ed Gordon Japan strikes at dawn
3/28/2013 Capt. Chris Konczey USN (Ret.) My country. My Navy.
4/25/2013 Lew Jennings Rendezvous with Destiny: Flying Helicopter Gunships with the 101st Airborne
5/30/2013 Steve Matousek Exploring Solar Systems
6/27/2013 Maj. General H.J. Mitch Mitchell USAF (ret.) Satellites & Rockets: Only one chance to get it right
7/25/2013 Alex Ranftle 34 missions over Europe in a B-17
8/29/2013 Barbara Schultz A Pilot's Life
9/26/2013 Jerry Loeb Mideast hostiles capture Navy pilots
10/31/2013 Dave Danford Yes sir! Sar Major!
11/21/2013 Lew Jennings Band of brothers
12/26/2013 Rick Bennett The origins of ETOPS
1/30/2014 B. Gilliland and D. Greenameyer Legends of flight
2/27/2014 Edward Martin GPS: Then now and coming soon
3/27/2014 Gary Powers The Life and Legacy of F. Gary Powers
4/24/2014 Gary Lueders The Check Airman
5/29/2014 Robert Kirk Flying the Lindberg Line: then and now
6/26/2014 Richard Hobbs Radical Islam at war with the world
7/31/2014 Michael Carra Spies & intrigue at Pearl Harbor
8/28/2014 Gene Anderson Behind the movies: The making of 12 O’Clock High
9/25/2014 Bert Upson On a clear day: Witness to 9/11/2001
10/30/2014 Jim McFarlin The coming war in cyberspace
11/20/2014 Larry Packer Air boss vs. Big Boss: my flying career
12/18/2014 Sid Burks The Salton Sea: a military history
1/29/2015 Major Lew Jennings 19 Minutes to Live: Helicopter warfare in Vietnam
2/26/2015 Major Sean Merlin USMC The 21st Century US Marine Corp’s changing role in geopolitics
3/26/2015 Brig. Jim Martin Fifty years of flight extremes
4/30/2015 Kent Kresa The evolution of Northrop Grumman
5/28/2015 Chris Demarest Portraits of History
6/25/2015 Michael Carra The Cactus Air Force
7/30/2015 Janet Hitt Choices and Values: 57 years an active pilot
8/27/2015 Kim Furst The Bob Hoover Project
9/24/2015 Sid Burks History on Our Doorstep: The Palm Desert Airport and the Desert Air Hotel
10/29/2015 Lt. Col. Blaine Mack Air War Korea: F-86 Sabre
11/19/2015 Captain William Doster My Experiences in Today’s Navy: Its missions and strategies
12/17/2015 Tom Nolan Today’s US airline industry and the future of KPSP
1/28/2016 Dr. Bruce Horsfield Inside the SAS
2/25/2016 Dr. Craig Fischer Loss of Contact…Analysis of the Columbia Accident
3/31/2016 Peni Nelson The Jacqueline Cochran Discovery of Flight and Education Center
4/28/2016 Troy Hartman Life Outside of Operating Limitations
5/26/2016 Rob Reddeg Behind the Mic: Our partnership for safety with SoCal Tracon
6/30/2016 Lt. John Suckow Flying Jets in Vietnam
7/28/2016 Loretta Siani The Medicine of Mental Imagery — Undoing the Link Between Stress and Illness
8/25/2016 Sheriff Stan Sniff Aerial Law Enforcement in Riverside County
9/29/2016 Lt. Col. Blaine Mack Glory Days of the Pan Am Clipper Fleet
10/27/2016 Barry Steiner Anticipating the Unexpected: Inside an Airline Incident
11/17/2016 Dr. William Page Flight Range Extension: A Novel Approach
12/29/2016 Lt. Cmdr. Pat Groves Cold War Missile Countermeasures
1/26/2017 Mick Dawson A British Teenager’s WWII Experience
2/23/2017 Capt. Gregg Hurt Dozing for Dollars or How I Flew to Tokyo and Learned to Love the Bunk
3/30/2017 Capt Al Dempsey & Col Bob Lilac The "Hun": North American F-100 Super Sabre
4/27/2017 Dan Gilbertson Flying in Alaska–most unlike any other flying in the world
5/25/2017 Dr. John Casani The Golden Age of Planetary Exploration
6/29/2017 Gene Anderson & Ted Vallas Lost Stories of Old Bold Pilots
7/27/2017 Col Dana A. Hessheimer Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations
8/30/2017 Jerri Bergen Aircraft Nose Art
9/28/2017 Chad Amonn How Drones Work
10/26/2017 Sid Burks Army Airbase to International Airport–the History of PSP
11/30/2017 Christina Olds The Life and Times of Triple Ace Robin Olds